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Teeth Whitening in Great Neck

For a brighter, whiter smile that lights up your face when you enter a room, come to Elite Dental Spa for a professional teeth whitening. A teeth whitening procedure is a simple cosmetic dental solution, which provides dramatic results. Your dentist in Great Neck offers teeth whitening to improve the appearance of teeth that have become yellowish and dull due to repeated exposure to certain foods, drinks, medications or smoke. Teeth may also yellow due to aging and genetic conditions.

Many over the counter products promise brighter, whiter teeth, but turn out to deliver results that are less then promised. The safest, most effective and fastest way to brighten your teeth is by visiting your dentist in Great Neck for a professional teeth whitening. Your dentist will first perform an oral examination to make sure that there are not any conditions present that may complicate the procedure or compromise the result. During a professional in-office, teeth whitening procedure the soft tissues of your mouth are shielded, so that the whitening gel just contacts the teeth. Once the gel is applied to your teeth, it works quickly to break down stains and leave your teeth several shades whiter. After just one short treatment you will have the bright, white teeth that you’ve always wanted. There is also a professional strength take home system available to whiten your teeth using custom trays that your dentist can fabricate for you to apply on your own. The at-home kit may be used as an alternative or in conjunction with the in-office whitening procedure. The at-home system produces more gradual results that are also quite pleasing.

Dentist in Great Neck

If you are interested in enhancing your smile with a teeth whitening procedure, contact Elite Dental Spa, your dentist in Great Neck, to discuss your options. We utilize the most state of the art approaches in cosmetic dentistry. Our office provides a relaxing spa-like setting and our friendly staff make it easy to book an appointment. Contact us today.


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