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Great Neck laser dentist

For a dentist who offers leading edge technology and advanced methods of care, look to Elite Dental Spa for all your prosthodontic, family, and cosmetic dentistry needs. From the use of digital radiography to assist in the precise assessment of oral health, to the latest options in implant and laser dentistry, our prosthodontist is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. As a skilled and experienced 11021 laser dentist, we perform select procedures using this remarkable and beneficial technology.

11021 laser dentist

Over the past few decades, the application of lasers to dental procedures has increased as its many benefits in providing treatment to the hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity becomes more evident. As one might expect, dental lasers offer the highest level of precision, making treatments ultra-conservative when compared to traditional dental instrumentation. Whether dental lasers are used to provide advanced periodontal therapy for gum disease, or for the treatment of cavities, oral lesions, or cosmetic gum contouring, they make it possible to perform a sweeping array of procedures, removing diseased and damaged tissue with the utmost exactitude. When used to make incisions in a surgical procedure, dental lasers cauterize as they go, minimizing bleeding and post-operative swelling, while speeding healing and recovery time. When used in the treatment of cavities, dental lasers can spare patients the rumbling, pressure and sounds typically associated with the dental drill. As your 11021 laser dentist, Dr. Heisler is more than happy to discuss which treatments we offer with the use of dental lasers.

If you’re on the lookout for gentle and conservative dental care, come to the 11021 laser dentist who prioritizes your comfort, health and overall peace of mind. Offering laser dentistry, and a wide range of advanced prosthodontic services for your smile, we’re an exceptional resource for quality dental care in the area! To schedule your next visit, call us today!

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