Where can I find a Great Neck Dentist?

At Elite Dental Spa, your Great Neck dentist provides more than just excellent care in a relaxing environment; we truly pamper our patients. Our spa services include a massaging dental chair and a tranquil ambiance to reduce anxiety and improve your sense of well being while you are visiting with us. Our state-of-the-art practice utilizes the most up to date approaches to all dental treatment, from routine checkups, to the most advanced prosthodontic and cosmetic procedures. Offering a comprehensive range of dental services, the care and comfort of our patients are top priorities.

Great Neck Dentist

At Elite Dental Spa, your Great Neck dentist utilizes the latest and most effective innovations in treatment, including laser dentistry to provide you with the most precise and gentle care. With the use of laser technology, we are able to provide more comfortable treatment with the utmost exactitude. Our lasers are silent, and operate without rumbling—an added bonus for our pediatric patients, and those with anxiety about the dental drill. In fact, our office environment is so soothing that it can only be described as a spa. During your dental visit, you have the opportunity to enjoy watching a film or receiving a massage, while your dentist treats your teeth. Whether you come in for a teeth cleaning or dental implants, we will ensure that you are at ease in the dentist’s chair. When trips to the dentist are stress-free, you will be more inclined to keep up with routine checkups, which are one of the essential components of maintaining good oral health. Furthermore, you’ll also be more likely to seek immediate dental care should you need it, rather than allowing problems to escalate due to fear of visiting the dentist.

For a Great Neck dentist that offers the most state-of-the-art approaches to creating a gentle and serene experience in dental care, contact Elite Dental Spa. We believe that by relieving stress we can better address your dental needs. With us, you will look forward to your next dental appointment. Call to find out more.

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